Welcome!  We’ve been waiting for you.  My name is Amy England, founder of Scrap This Save That.  This blog has been created as a place to gather and learn, to share and create.  You’ll find ideas, stories, techniques, and WAY too much enabling!  Because of that, you’ll also find ways to save money on your paper crafting habits, so that you can afford your addiction!

Paper crafting is a passion for many, but an expensive one.  How can you have fun, save money and support small businesses all at once?  Keep reading!

The mission at Scrap This Save That is to teach you how to:

  • Make beautiful cards with a large variety of media and techniques.  (link to birthday card)
  • Use die cutting machines, both manual and electronic.  ( electronic link to purple and grey page or Super Bowl page?  Manual link to how to die cut video)
  • Create scrapbook pages and layouts your family will treasure for generations (link of Chris’s Santa page or one with Lincoln as a baby?)
  • Double down on your scrapbooking skills to make awesome gifts and fun decor. (Emily’s wedding present link.  Decor – Rubik’s cube link)
  • Learn the very most basic how-to’s of paper crafting starting as simply as a video on how to cut paper for a card. (link to two minute video post to be written.)
  • Save money on crafting supplies from current sales to getting great stuff completely for FREE! (link to most current Swagbucks post)

Just in case you were wondering, here’s a little about me. The lore has it that I’ve been a crafter since the day I was born.  It was a cool damp October morning…. wait, that’s probably a little more than you came here to learn!  So how about the basics?  I’m based in the Seattle, Washington area, a beautiful place that’s been home to me and my family since the early 1990’s.   My husband, Rob is my rock, my support, and my biggest cheerleader.  

We have two grown children.  Emily and her husband Bryan, live nearby and just happen to parent two of our completely adorable grandchildren, Xander and Penelope.  Emily helps me with other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to say hi to her when you drop by!

Chris and his wife Erin, live in Pennsylvania, and are the proud parents of our other three loves, Lincoln, our very first grandchild (here’s a fun post about the road to bringing him into our family,) and twins, Addie and Eleanor.  Chris helps me with editing our YouTube videos, and Erin, who has her MBA, helps with art (our new beautiful logo is thanks to her) and is our resident marketing guru.

We invite you to come in, look around, subscribe to our newsletter, and be part of the family!

Contact Information:
Amy England
PO Box 587
Burley, WA 98322