Tutorial on Custom-Colored Embellishments

As promised in yesterday’s Money-Saving Monday post, here’s a tutorial on how to make some really cool enamel-looking embellishments.  

As I mentioned, I have tons of brads, but not always in the color I need.  So here’s my solution:  Dab the front face of a metal brad with VersaMark ink making sure to get the sides covered too.

Dip the inked-up brad in whatever color of embossing powder you would like your brad to be, once again, remembering the edges.  I just poured a little powder in the lid of the embossing jar to make clean up easier.

When you’ve finished that step, make sure your brad is completely coated in embossing powder.

At this point, if you haven’t already, grasp the feet of the brad with a pair of tweezers.  You don’t want to burn your fingers!

Using your embossing heat gun, gently melt the powder.  At this point, I noticed I could see just a little bit of my original copper color shining through, so I quickly dipped the brad in the embossing powder again while it was still warm enough to stick, and then hit it with the heat gun again.

Above is one of the finished brads that I used a glitter embossing powder on. It had an uneven grunge-type look to it that would be an awesome addition for some of my layouts!

Below, is the same technique done with regular embossing power.  I double dipped it while it was still warm just like the one above.  Two coats of powder just seems to work better than one.  It has a nice smooth coating.

Here’s the two for comparison.  I love them both for totally different uses!

Have you ever tried this technique?  I would love a link to see your pics!

Here’s some of the items you’ll need in order to try this nifty little trick:

Embossing Heat Tool

VersaMark Pigment Inkpad

Craft Tweezers

Embossing Powder Collection

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

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