Make Your Own Journaling Cards!

Woohoo!!  The wedding of the century is over and I have time to actually get back to blogging!!  As I mentioned last Friday, I’ve had so many wedding projects that I hadn’t shared because I wanted some of them to be a surprise for my daughter and son-in-law and their guests.  So you might get a little wedding overload this week…just a fair warning!

Now it’s time for our slightly neglected Money-Saving Monday series!  Actually, pretty much everything this week was hand-made and saved tons of money over store-bought items for the wedding, but I chose today’s project because I can see it working for SO MANY things other than just nuptial-related stuff!

Back in May, we had a bridal shower for my sweet Emily, and I made her a Snap pocket pages book for her and her groom to journal about their engagement and wedding.  I also printed some journaling cards for all the shower guests to fill out and add to the book.  It was one of their favorite parts of the shower, as each woman got up and read her relationship advice to the happy couple and then handed her the card to add to her book.  So I knew for the wedding, we wanted to do more cards for people to fill out and add to the book.

Enter, my trusty Silhouette Cameo!  I had read somewhere (and I’m so sorry, but I can’t remember where) about making your own print and cut files with the Silhouette program, so I figured, why not?  The journaling cards I had made for the shower weren’t quite as formal as what we wanted for the actual wedding.

So basically, here’s the trick:
1.  Just put whatever graphic or font you want on your Silhouette mat.
2.  Go to the Fill Color window and add whatever color you want to your picture or text.
3.  Go to the Line Color window and remove the color (by clicking the first box that has all the lines through it.)
4.  Go to the Cut Style line and click “no cut.”  Of course, you can always trace the outlines to cut if you want, but I          didn’t need that for my journaling cards…since they were straight lines, I just cut them on my own.
5.  When your picture/text is just right, go to the file, and then print window to print.

journal, cards, pocket pages, scrapbooking

I added both text and lines to my journaling cards through the Silhouette program.  It was so easy!  Can you imagine making all sorts of other pocket pages cards?  Oh…the money you could save!!!  And isn’t that what Money-Saving Monday is all about?!

Have you made anything like this with your Silhouette program?  If so, PLEASE leave me a link…I would love to see it!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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