WOYWW 264 – Journaling And More Journaling

Oh my goodness, how did the day get away from me so fast yesterday?  I completely forgot to put up and link my What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday post last night.  Well, here’s my desk this week…
WOYWW Scrapbook Journaling

So here’s my dirty little secret…I LOVE scrapbooking…going through the photos, matching up colors, finding just the right embellishments, doing all kinds of fun techniques, getting lost in the art of it.  But one thing I really am not fond of, and really procrastinate over is journaling.  It’s not that I hate it, because I actually love to write.  It’s that I’m terrified of ruining a perfectly good page with a bad twist of the wrist.  I know I can journal on a separate piece of  cardstock, and then add it on, I actually do that a lot.  But then I have to get the paper, cut it to size blah blah blah.  I know…I’m just making excuses!  So on my desk are two stacks, over three inches high each, of pages that have just been written on, and pages still awaiting their journaling. And then comes the task of trying to figure out how to organize which pages in what album…gah.

The button/badge is hidden for those of you who like to hunt.  Husband couldn’t find it last week, so I made it a little easier this time! Let me know if you spot it!

Oh, and while you’re here…for those of you who are scrapbookers, how do you organize your layouts in to albums?  By date?  By person? By holiday or event?  I need some guidance!!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Found it last week but not this week! I too don't enjoy the process of writing on my scrapbook pages for the same reason. Actually, I don't like my handwriting which becomes problematic.

  2. Lunch Lady Jan says:

    I love the results that scrapbooking gives but have no desire to do it myself. Yet another hobby is not what I need right now!! But I really admire those who do it so beautifully and I count you as one of the experts!
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

  3. Unknown says:

    Same for me with the handwriting. I do admire those who are able to write in varying styles and prettily. I usually resort to printing on tissue paper but like your cutting it's a bit of a faff.
    Hope you have a lovely week and get some journaling completed one way or the other 🙂
    Gillian #65

  4. Bridget Larsen says:

    I'm with you re the journalling, I cant do it, as in write nicely so I leave it out
    Bridget #35

  5. stampingbowd says:

    I'm not seeing the button this time! I have not tried to scrap book because it always feels to overwhelming for me so you have my admiration for doing all these pages! I stick to my little cards that I can finish in a day or two at the most. From what I can see of your pages they look fabulous!

  6. Lunch Lady Jan says:

    Me again! Bacon butties are British slang for a sandwich with hot bacon in the middle. They can also be known as bacon baps, stotties, barm cakes, rolls, depending on where in the UK you live!
    Hope that helps 🙂
    LLJ xxxx

  7. MaggieC (Silvercrafter) says:

    Yes, Sue, I do love my EBosser, more every time I use it. Having it out on a working surface is the key. It is always ready and will take any die or embossing folder or stencil I have thrown at it so far, sometime a little play with shims to get the stencils right. I have not really gone down the route of journalling as yet, although I know I should for the sake of my children and grandchildren. As far as organising, my only advice would be that whichever way you choose, you index it so that you and anyone else can see at a glance where to look for something special. xx Maggie #60

  8. Felix the Crafty Cat says:

    Love the purple box it looks really useful.
    I like Art journalling but not really into full size scrap books.
    They are great but I think I am too lazy to spend so much time on one thing which makes you saintly Lol!
    Happy crafting, Angela x #43

  9. Julia Dunnit says:

    Don't ask me for guidance! I put my LOs into albums as I make them, I do not scrap in any order at all..I whip through my photos and choose based entirely on my mood at the time. There is no order or chronology to my albums and I quite like that!
    Your reasons for loving the scrapbooking are the same as mine..although I journal without much thought, I know what I want to say and then do it – if I plan or think too much about it, I make mistakes and my writing gets contrived and ugh…

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