A Guy With A Guitar, A Guy With Some Issues, And A Winner!

WOW!  What a weekend!  First off, let me apologize profusely for being two days late in announcing the winner from last week’s Growing in Unity posts.  I planned on being home on Monday to respond to all the sweet emails and choose a winner, but life got in the way a little!

I went to my daughter’s house for the weekend because we had BIG PLANS on Sunday evening with her future Mother-in-Law.  For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been a guitarist and musician for over 40 years.  My absolute all-time favorite guitarist is jazz musician Stanley Jordan.  Although Jazz isn’t my go-to genre, this man does things on a guitar that is absolutely NOT humanly possible!  But he doesn’t care…he does them anyway.  If you’re a musician, do yourself a favor and check this video of him out.  If you’re not a musician, do yourself the same favor anyway.  HINT:  he’s playing TWO guitars at once…phenomenal!!!

Anyway, our big plans were our Christmas gift from Emily’s future MIL…tickets to see Stanley in Concert!!!  It was a small intimate venue at a dinner club and we were front and center, about 10 feet from him onstage.  Oh, and look who got to MEET HIM after the show!  Super nice guy and spent a lot of time talking with me about one of his passions, music therapy You can get more info on his website if you’re interested in music therapy too.

I’m still in awe!

So, the next day Emily and I had some errands to run and an appointment so that I could see her venue in person.  I found it for them on the internet, but hadn’t seen it yet.  (It’s beautiful, btw!)  Later in the evening, she dropped me off at the ferry in Seattle.  Husband was picking me up on the other side, about an hour’s boat ride away.   I bought my ticket and was waiting in the holding area to load with the other passengers, when we all heard someone yell, “STOP” followed by, “GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES.”  Well, that got our attention!  Long story short, a wanted criminal had run onto the ferry (the one I was about to get on!) to evade police.  They had to search the boat and then get into a pepper spray fight with him before they could subdue him.  By the time everything was done, the boat was so covered in pepper spray, they cancelled the sailing and I was stranded at the ferry terminal with no cell phone and no way to reach my husband on the other side to tell him not to pick me up.

Because I’m disabled, my husband and daughter tend to worry WAY too much about me.  I knew when I didn’t get off the boat, he would go into a panic.  So I FINALLY found a payphone to call my daughter so she could call him, and let him know I would be about an hour and a half late.  HINT:  Don’t put your credit card in a payphone EVER….for a 30 second voice mail I left for my daughter, my bank account was charged $17.45.  Criminal.  Needless to say, I’m doing some cell phone shopping this week.

I finally reached my daughter.  She picked me up, took me back to her house, where I spent another night, and then she personally drove me home (a long trip) the next day!  As for my poor husband.  we didn’t catch him before he left the house, so he was waiting for me on a ferry that arrived empty.  Our neighbors, actually drove to the ferry terminal 20 minutes away to find him and let him know I wasn’t on the boat.  We have AWESOME neighbors!!

Here’s a little news snippet about the fiasco if you’re interested.  Apparently the guy who cause the whole thing has some issues.

Man Involved in Bizarre Coleman Dock Chase

Okay, thank you for indulging me and letting me vent!  If you actually read through all that, then extra brownie points for you!!!!!

And now, for the winner of the two Itty Bitty Unity stamp sets!  Congratulations goes to:


I want to thank you all so much for the kindness and encouragement you left on all the comments last week.I’ll be visiting you all soon!!!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. cghundley says:

    Wow exciting times
    for you! Glad you
    had a good time at
    the concert!
    Carla from Utah

  2. Julie Odil says:

    I'm glad you're home safely! Congrats to Denise, and I'm a music therapist!

  3. WhoMom says:

    Congratulations Denise!

    Amy, so glad you made it home safely. I've spent soooo much time at the Coleman Dock and know those strange things really do happen. We used to live on the Peninsula too!


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