Beth Kingston’s Garage Sale? Yes Please!

Happy Monday and cheers to a brand new week!  I thought I should probably resurrect the old Money-Saving-Monday series and start working on it again.  It’s a great series and I’ve been slacking, so here we go!
As you may have read in past Money-Saving-Monday posts, I love to save money on crafty goodness and organization any way I can, and during the summer months, one great (and fun) way to do that is by rummaging around at garage sales!  Most of us craft hoarders enthusiasts love to hang on to our goodies, but every now and then you see a table at a garage sale with a few trinkets that have been purged from someone’s stash, and if you act quickly enough before the next crafter knocks you out of the way spots the treasures, you might just walk away with some great bargains.
Whenever I’m in garage sale mode (usually a few times a year) I will scour Craigslist looking for the magic words….”scrapbooking supplies.”  I’ll see who has the best stuff and map out a plan for the morning.  With coffee and tea in hand and quarters in pocket, me and husband will set out at the crack of dawn (that’s usually around 9 am for us!) in search for the mother lode.   That is, until this past weekend…
Meet Beth Kingston.  Actually, I just reread that statement and saw how silly it looked.  I’m sure the majority of you already know who Beth is.  She’s the spokesperson for Xyron and hangs out at a fun little place we all know as HSN…the Home Shopping Network!  She has everyone’s dream job…she gets paid to craft.  Last month, her and her husband relocated to my little corner of the country and we became neighbors…well, if you don’t count the toll bridge, body of saltwater and 40-ish miles between us.  So, the other night, I was poking around Facebook, trying to catch up on my news feed, and I see a little post from Beth about her and her husband preparing for a garage sale on Saturday along with the rest of their community…a community that just happens to be about 45 minutes away from my house. As I read the list of goodies she was offering up for sale, the heavens opened up and I think I heard angels singing (or my dogs howling…but just go with it!)
Early (and I mean EARLY) last Saturday morning, me and husband and my scrappy friend Becky and her puppy Crystal, set out on our adventure!  We arrived at Beth’s about an hour before the general sale started (she had told us that it would be fine to do that, or I never would have…that’s just bad garage sale etiquette!!)  and we were met with tables and bins of the best crafty goodness ever!  We shopped and we shopped and we bargained and we wrestled bartered (Becky and I with each other…she still has a Scrappin’ Easle I want really bad!!) and when it was all said and done, we walked away with our arms loaded with new (to us) scrappy goodies and a new friend.  Beth was a doll, as was her husband.  (proof-reading that last paragraph, I would like to clarify that our arms weren’t actually loaded with Beth too, just the craft supplies.  Beth remained on her feet at all times!)
I meant to take pic while I was at her sale, but of course I got swept away into craft paradise, so I totally spaced it.  We went back a few hours later after hitting some other sales in the area, but her driveway was so packed with crafters, I don’t think we could have even gotten on her property at that point!  It was a madhouse!  Later on in the day though, I checked trusty old Facebook, and noticed that Beth had posted a photo of the sale, and what do you know…the pic was of me and Becky bent over the tables rummaging through all the goodies!
Now…go find yourself a good garage sale!!  Happy shopping and…

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. An'Jenic G. says:

    Aww man and you didnt even give me a ring. I see a really nice paper rake I could use right now. Well I hope you scored something good.

  2. renee says:

    How fun! I love garage sales.

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