A Fundraiser, A Great Deal, and A Winner!

You know all those annoying parents and grandparents that are CONSTANTLY posting pics of their babies and kids on Facebook or their blogs or anywhere else people can see them?  Yeah, well, I’m gonna be one of those people!!  I just don’t think the world should go without seeing this adorable face at every turn!  (I’m kidding…sort of!)

Being the overly-proud grandma that I am, I’m happy to announce that even though I haven’t gotten to see and hold little Lincoln in person yet (we live far far away from each other) I DID actually get to witness a first yesterday while we were all Skyping.  I got to see him roll over from front to back for the first time!!  Now although, I realize that’s not nearly as great as getting to hold him and cuddle him and smell his baby smells (the good, not the poopy!) I was super excited that I got to be a part of that little milestone!

When I first announced that my son and DIL were adopting it was in part, associated with helping them to raise money for their adoption…it’s NOT cheap!  They’ve sold off their second car, my son’s beloved bass guitar, and all sorts of other stuff for their adoption fund.  On top of their regular full time jobs, they’ve cleaned houses, given music lessons, and babysat to earn extra money.  People have been incredibly kind and generous, and really done some extraordinary things.  During a garage sale fundraiser they were having with another adopting couple one weekend, a man walked up and gave Chris $430 for a coffee mug!  YES! A 25 cent coffee mug.  The stories have touched my heart and made me cry and made me proud to be part of the human race.

Several of their friends who own businesses have stepped up and offered to donate proceeds from various sales.  That’s part of what this blog post is about.  They still have a few more months to finish paying off the $20,000-ish that it’s cost them for the adoption and associated fees.  So, even though Lincoln is home with them and they are in happy land, they’re still going strong with their fundraising.  One of their friends who owns a business selling scarves, recently agreed to offer free shipping and a percentage of the sales for Lincoln’s adoption fund!!!

Please go to her site, Created New and take a peek around.  If you feel moved to help out, that would be awesome!  If scarves aren’t your thing but you would like to help, my daughter-in-law, Erin has a donate button on her blog.  There have been some very sweet, generous donations given through her donate button too!!  If you’re interested, while you’e there, you can also read more about their adoption journey….and of course, see more pics of my adorable grandbaby!! Wow…I’m going to be the world’s most annoying grandmother…I can feel it now!

In other news and what some of you have been reading through all the other stuff for (and thank you for that!) the winner of the 2 Itty Bitty stamps from unity is Kris B!!!!!!  Kris, I will try to find your email address to notify you.  You have until next Monday April 15th to respond.

Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet words and comments through all my Unity posts last week.  I love the support and kindness you give so lavishly.

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Your Grand baby is adorable! Sending wished and prayers their way!
    Thanks also for the prize!

  2. Unknown says:

    P.S. my email is [email protected]

  3. Unknown says:

    those scarves look PERFECT for upcoming mother's day gifts, yes? 😉

  4. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Design Originals by KC says:

    Love that you add a personal touch to your blog from time to time 🙂 Thanks for anytime you want to share cute Lincoln with us! Inspired me to leave a comment! Enjoy being a new grandma!!! Kathi

  6. Pam says:

    I don't blame you at all for posting baby photos, little Lincoln is so adorable!

  7. Merry says:

    How awesome is technology that it allows you to see your grandson roll. Thanks sharing is gorgeous photo.

  8. Fierypixiedust says:

    THAT IS THE CUTEST BABY EVER!! I'm soooo happy this is public knowledge now and I really think you should make a new segment called Lincoln Friday or something where you show a new picture a week haha Congrats Grandma!

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