Money-Saving Monday #22

Happy new week!  Welcome to the blog!  Have a seat, kick back, and stay a while.  I promise to try to write some fun stuff for you to read!!

I thought I would touch a little on paper storage today.  Not the nice shiny new pieces of paper we all love so much, but all those scraps that just eat away at our conscience.  Should I keep it, or throw it away?  How small does it have to be to toss out without feeling wasteful?  And once I’ve decided to keep it, how in the world am I going to store it so that it’s readily available to use before grabbing a new sheet next time?

With those questions in mind, today I’ll share my storage solution for solid colored cardstock.  Next week we will touch on patterned paper and cardstock.

I have a plastic shoe box-sized bin that I keep most of my solid colored scraps in.  I cut down and inserted some old manila file folders and cut tiny circles of each color of cardstock to put on the tabs of the dividers.  That way, when I’m looking for a scrap, it’s easy to see exactly what shade I’m looking for.  The box sits right on top of my desk so it’s always within easy reach when I’m working on a project.

Now…for my dirty little secret!  I keep smaller scraps in a different box with all of my Smash*book stuff, to use up the bits and pieces.  I REALLY need to get over that and toss them and just revert back to my bigger scraps (which are starting to take over their own box) but I’m just not quite there yet!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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