How To Use A Cricut Mat With Your Silhouette Cameo

It’s Monday again and time for Money-Saving Monday tip #23!  Today’s tips come from my sweet friends Becky and AJ. Did you know that you can use Cricut mats in your Silhouette Cameo?  I did, but I couldn’t quite get everything to line up and cut just right.

It didn’t take too long after I got my Silhouette Cameo to completely wear out the cutting mat that came with it.  I started using an old Cricut mat I had, but the cutting area seemed off from what it was showing on my computer screen.  No biggie unless I was trying to fit something in a tight area, and then I would miss the mark every time and waste the paper I was using.  I found a couple of things that helped with this problem, and now the Cameo cuts like a champ again.

The first thing to do is to adjust where you line up your paper on your cutting mat.  Instead of using the regular Cricut lines, move the top of your paper up to the guideline at the very top of the mat, where it shows the tick marks for measurements.  See the photo above.

When your paper is lined up correctly on your mat, it should look just like this…

Edit:  Click HERE to see how to line up your paper in the newer style Cricut Mats!

The next trick is finding where to line up your mat once you are loading it into your Cameo.  If you look closely on your Cameo, there’s an extra, smaller line at the left side of your machine…

Line the edge of your mat up with that small line just like this…

This is actually where you’re supposed to line up anything that goes into the Cameo…mats or vinyl.  I never even noticed that little line until Becky pointed it out to me!

Since I’ve learned and implemented these two tricks, I haven’t lost a single piece of paper to a bad cut!!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Design Originals by KC says:

    I have plenty of cricut mats… now if I only had a cameo! lol… Hey Amy… you won my blog candy… email me with your addy at kathibc at yahoo dot com and I will mail it out!

  2. Ellen Bornstein says:

    Amy, My cricut mat has slightly different markings it has a thick black outline all around it and the zeros are different. Any suggestions for this mat as I can't line it up either.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Amy, I have a brand new cameo but new mats left from my cricut. But, I keep reading on the FB groups that the cricut mats over time will raise your rollers on the cameo because the cricut mat is thicker than the cameo mat. I also read that Silhouette won't honor fixing the rollers because the wrong mats were used.Now I'm scared to try. What do you think?

  4. DonnaH says:

    Hi Amy, I would love to know the answer to Ellen's question too. I have the same mats as her.

  5. MaryBaker says:

    What a great tutorial! Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to trying it out.

  6. Karin Corbin says:

    you can lay the cameo mat over the cricut mat. Line up the inch marks. Then draw a trim line along the left side and the top of the cricut using the edge of the cameo as a guide. Now use a straight edge and a sharp utility knife and trim the cricut mat to size.

  7. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing this information! I tried using my 12×24 Cricut mat with my Silhouette this evening and it worked like a charm! (I'd never noticed the raised "line things up here" line either!!)

  8. Unknown says:

    The Newest Cameo does have a couple of small arrows pointing to the "line up line". It's hard to see though. It would be better if it was in a contrasting colour to the base. I might run a fine line of paint or nail polish on mine! My eyesight is not what it was…lol

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