Money-Saving Monday #18

Happy new week!  As promised in last week’s Money-Saving Monday, I spent a little time in my craft room putting some page kits together.  What did I learn in the process?  I learned that I have A LOT of crap and I better hurry up and start using it like crazy, or I’m gonna be in trouble and growing out of my scrap room before long!

I scoured Youtube for some tutorials about how to put page kits together, and while I found a few, most of them weren’t quite what I was looking for.  I did find one that gave some very basic, helpful information, and it was enough to get me inspired and moving.

With that tidbit of information under my belt, I was ready to go!  I started by choosing two matching (or close to matching) papers for my base pages, (for double layouts) and then filled in with some coordinating patterns and colors. Then I got a paperclip and small sandwich baggie and started filling it with coordinating embellishments.  I started with ribbon.  I have a jar of ribbon scraps and ends that I like to save.  This was a great way to use a lot of those pieces that are normally buried and overlooked.  I continued on with my jars of brads and buttons.  Then I went for my binders with flat embellishments  i.e., bling, stickers, die cuts, etc.  I found ALL KINDS of awesome things that coordinated that I had totally forgotten about.  Here’s what my first kit looked like when it was stacked and finished:

 And below, you can see all the coordinating bits and pieces all spread out.

Here’s a close-up of some of the embellishments I plan to use.  I even found a spray mist that matched everything, and sprayed it on a scrap of white cardstock to remind me that it would look awesome to use too.

Below are a couple of different kits I made using the super hot grey and yellow color scheme.  I love the music pages on this one:

And the polka dots on this one!

I cheated just a little on the kits below by using mostly one paper collection that I picked up when I went to the Quick Quotes warehouse sale last month.  I had a few full sheets from this collection and lots of scraps, so i just added some ribbon and embellishments, and viola!

 I even found some matching title strips for some of these!

I’ve been looking for a way to use this light green burlap trim for a while now…I think I may have figured it out!

That’s it for my home made page kits for now, but I think I’m on a roll so you may be seeing more of them soon!  So let’s recap; For everything shown above, I strictly shopped my stash.  I didn’t go out to purchase anything new for any of the kits.  I used ribbon scraps that I forgot I even had, for most of the kits.  Same with the embellishments…I had forgotten about most of the stuff that matched up perfectly with all that beautiful paper.

So, in the end, I have six new page kits that are ready to use at a moment’s notice, if  feel like making a quick page, or if I go to a last minute crop.  And instead of spending $20 – $50 on a fancy page kit, mine were no extra money out of pocket!  Woohoo!!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Jan Hennings says:

    What beautiful products!

  2. Migdalia says:

    Wow!!This is Awesome!
    Have a wonderful Monday,

  3. Design Originals by KC says:

    Awesome job… I heart organizing had a tute on how to organize scrapbook layouts last fall but I can't find the tute now to share with you… she put each layout in a recycle bag on a hanger in an empty closet that was lost space … she labeled each bag with a 3 x 5 card about which layout it was pic wise… then she was ready to grab a bag and have all her stuff together like you already did! You go girl! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 kathi

  4. Hi, I am Karen Driscoll says:

    Amy, I am so laughing right now, cause like you, I could probably open my own store with all the product that I "Had" to have, and that is not even opened!! I am again follow your lead, and look around to see what I can come up with!! Karen♥

  5. Fierypixiedust says:

    I'm almost scared to do this myself haha I know I have so much stuff I don't even use and I really need to take an inventory of it the way you did. As always, thanks for the tip!! =)

    -Mee Chelle

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