Christmas Card Catch-Up Week 4

Hi peeps!  Thanks for coming back to another Christmas Card Catch-Up!  I officially have 5 cards done and waiting for Christmas!  Woohoo!  If you think I’m sounding a little off my rocker, and want to gently remind me that Christmas was over a month ago, you might want to read this post first!  For those of you who are caught up now, here’s my card for this week:

Yup…it’s another cut from the Silhouette store.  I know it may seem that I’m falling into a rut, but I REALLY love using my Cameo!!  It cuts intricate designs perfectly, and I never have to worry about how small I make something, or about it coming out only partially cut.  Why didn’t I get a Cameo years ago?

So, I’m really loving this Christmas card.  Most of you know I’m a bit of a purple freak (and that’s putting it mildly!) and I adore snowflakes, so this card was screaming my name when I first saw it.  The little frame for the sentiment was already part of the card’s design, so it was super simple.  I added a little bling on the edges.  As I’m sitting here looking at the pics of the card, I’m thinking I might go back and add a little bling to some of the snowflakes too!

Here’s a photo of the card closed so that you can see the whole effect.  I used some old cardstock from Cricut that has two different shades of the same color, one on the front side of the cardstock, and the other on the back.  It’s perfect for this type of card!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. An'Jenic G. says:

    Such a fun card. I will have to get this one. Can you tell what the number is in Silhouette so I can get it!!!

  2. TeresaK says:

    That is a beautiful card! As a new Silhouette owner, I am loving seeing all that others create!
    Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  3. Design Originals by KC says:

    Love this card Amy… and you used stuff you already had or owned! That rocks 🙂 It turned out beautiful! Kathi

  4. Norma says:

    WOW! beautiful card and the border sure is elegant!! TFS

  5. Merry says:

    This is very lovely …really love the edge.

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