Saturday Spotlight: Cards By Mee Chelle

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Happy Saturday, And welcome to another edition of the Saturday Spotlight!  This week, I’m so excited to be featuring Mee Chelle from Cards By Mee Chelle.  I was thrilled when I asked her to join us and she accepted!  I’ve actually learned some incredible inking techniques from her, and now (thanks to her) I’ve jumped on the Tim Holtz Distress Ink wagon.  Yes, I think Mee Chelle is quite an enabler!  Haha!

When I asked Mee Chelle to be in the Saturday Spotlight and she agreed, I sent her a few general questions, and here’s how she responded:

I started crafting in college and it began with photo collages of my friends. I would buy small frames at Michael’s and decorate them with magazine clippings and drawings. When I graduated to scrapbooks, I quickly found I didn’t have the patience for them. They were just too large and overwhelming. I’ve only made three in my life and it will most likely stay that way. I found that cards were obviously easier to make. I started buying magazines, looking at crafting blogs and became a regular at Michael’s.

At first, most of my crafts were made for my boyfriend. He bought me a Cricut and Cuttlebug for my birthday and Christmas. My occasional hobby then turned into a full-fledged obsession. I found that crafting was a wonderful stress reliever and just enormously fun! It was so nice to surprise someone with a card and put a smile on their face. I liked trying new techniques and challenging myself creatively. I started making cards for coworkers and soon after became the official office card maker.

My blog came about after my boyfriend suggested I start taking pictures of my cards. I wanted to create a space for myself to showcase my cards and talk to other bloggers about supplies, techniques, patterns, colors, everything! I applied for a design team and I actually made it! I was a part of the team on Made Especially for You blog and those ladies were so wonderful and nice to a newbie like me. Unfortunately, my graduate thesis took over my life and I couldn’t continue, but I was so grateful for the opportunity to craft with those ladies.

In five years, I want to have a fully stocked craft room. My space now consists of one desk in the corner of my room and it’s a little cramped. My boyfriend and I are saving for our own apartment and he’s promised to help me create a fabulous craft room where I will inevitably spend hours upon hours in. As for my blog, my main goal is to just meet more people who like making cards like me because it’s so great to have a fun supportive community where we can bounce ideas off of each other and just help one another with beautiful creations!

Here are some samples of Mee Chelle’s incredible work:


Jiminy Cricket Birthday Love

 Happy Engagement!

Sunset   <—This is the inking technique I learned from her…isn’t it gorgeous?!?!

I think it’s incredible how Mee Chelle can be working on her Graduate degree and thesis and STILL find time to make beautiful art and maintain a blog (and inspire me!)  She must be Super Woman!!  Please make sure to take a peek at her blog and tell her HI!  She’s so nice and I know she would love to meet you!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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    Thanks for Spotlighting Mee Chelle. Beautiful cards.

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  2. Venus and Luanne @ Sisters Craft Cafe says:

    these are wonderful cards!

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