The Saturday Spotlight: The Cissy and Fran Show

Welcome to the FIRST EVER Scrap This
Save That’s Saturday Spotlight;  a new weekly
feature, spotlighting new or up-and-coming bloggers.  So happy you could join us for week #1.
Today’s spotlight is shining on TheCissy and Fran Show.  I accidentally ran
across these two when they were having a giveaway a few months ago, and fell
head over heels in love with their work! 
I mean, it’s INCREDIBLE!

Cissy has been crafting for the
past  20 years.  She’s done a few scrapbooks, but her passion
seems to fall into making
cards for
weddings, graduations, birthdays, and special events invitations.  Fran is the newbie of the two, although she’s
been making cards for 7 years…still a paper crafting veteran in my book! 
The two women met 10 years ago when they both
were working in the same Emergency Room as nurses.  Fran would see the beautiful cards that Cissy
would bring in for special occassions for their co-workers.  Fran got hooked and there was no separating
the two!  That is, until Hurricane
hit the town they lived in and both women completely lost their
homes.  Fran decided to move out of state
while Cissy stayed to watch her town rebuild.

Fran’s own words: “
I am
fascinated by blogging and love how it has become such a big part of my
life.  Every day there is always
something new to seek out and find, or a new person to talk to and share tips, techniques and a little friendship with.
Blogging, blog following, and paper crafting has really saved me
from becoming a lonely, depressed person just watching tv all day.
love the process of designing card layouts, as each one becomes a creative and
therapeutic expression. I am obsessed not with buying shoes but with buying
craft supplies.
  Cissy, on the other
hand, is obsessed with both!”
When I asked Cissy about her favorite
posts/projects, she mentioned two;

PARTY ENSEMBLES WEEK    OH EM GEE…look at that cake box made out of
card stock!
  Have you ever seen anything
that cool?!
MERCI BEAUCOUP   This is a simple, elegant GORGEOUS card!
Fran’s favorite posts include:

THE ROYAL ARRIVAL  Cutest baby card ever!  And she even made her own SVG file…how cool
is that!  ( I know more and more of you
are starting to do this, but I’m still in AWE!)
CAHIER DE COSTUMES FRANCAIS  Fran is the digital queen!
My final question for the pair?  Where do you see yourself from a crafting
standpoint in five years?

Cissy:  “Since I have moved away from the hospital
where I had my locally based invitation business, I have not been able to
establish a new client list and I hope that in 5 years I can have a very
successful locally based invitation business where I can work out of my own
Fran:  “I would like to use our blog as a resume to
springboard into becoming a design team member for any large paper crafting
business, travelling with them around the country going to conventions and
shows and all the while getting paid to craft and create. Or I would want to
work at a scrapbook store or craft store with the possibility of one day owning
a craft store with a tea room attached to it.”

For now, their passion has grown into an incredible blog, meant to spark your creativity and give you a fresh avenue to express yourself!  I really hope you will stop by to
take a peek at these two incredible crafters. 
If you like what you see, leave them some love, or better yet, follow!!
See you next week for another
installment of the Saturday Spotlight!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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    This is such a great segment! I think its great that you want to spotlight new bloggers.

    Thanks so much for sharing and I will definitely stop by and visit the Cissy and Fran show.


  3. Unknown says:

    Wow, Amy! This is awesome. Thank you so very much for spotlighting us! This is a great idea!

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