Money Saving Monday #2

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Howdy dooo!  Welcome to week 2 of Money-Saving Monday, the weekly tips and tricks post to help us save on our crafting supplies, so we have money to buy more!!

This week’s money-saving tip is for extending the life of our Cricut cutting mats.  As the mats lose their “sticky,” it’s because tiny paper fibers get caught in the mat’s adhesive when you cut.  Using a baby wipe to clean the mat will prolong it’s life significantly.  The first time I tried this, I wasn’t impressed, until I figured out how to do it properly.  It usually takes me 10 – 15 minutes to work on each mat.  I work on one 6×6 inch section of the mat at a time, using  a small part of the baby wipe, until that part of the wipe has gotten covered with dirt/paper fibers.  Then I use a clean part of the wipe, and keep going.  I usually use 1-2 wipes per mat, depending on how bad I allowed the mat to get in the first place!  Allow the mat to dry overnight UNCOVERED, and it should be good and sticky again the next morning.

If your mats eventually get to the point where this technique no longer works for you, you can always use Zig 2-Way Glue to “re-sticky” your mats. I’ve only had to do this twice (on daily-use 2 year old mats.)   MAKE SURE to clean the mat with a baby wipe before applying the glue.  I use the large chisel tip applicator since there’s such a large area to cover.  Make sure to only apply glue to the white (cutting) area of your mat.  If it goes to the edges, you’ll gum up your rollers in your machine, and that’s just not going to be any fun at all!  Once again, allow your mats to sit, uncovered, overnight to cure.  That way, the glue has plenty of time to dry, and becomes repositionable.

If your mat is no longer sticky from the Zig glue, you can always wipe it down with baby wipes and rubbing alcohol. This gives you a clean surface to start all over with the glue again!

Although I haven’t tried this with mats from any other cutting machines, the assumption would be that it would work on them all.  I would just suggest trying it on a tiny corner of the mat first, to be sure.

If you have any money-saving tips or tricks that you would like to share, please email me using my contact page.  Your tip and blog may be featured on a future edition on Money-Saving Monday!

Happy Scrapping!
~Amy E

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Shoshi says:

    Hi Amy, this is a very good post. More people should know about this because they are being ripped off, thinking they have to buy a new mat each time theirs gets un-sticky! There's been a lot of discussion about this on the Black Cat cutting machines forum (now known as Thyme Machines) – the best thing we've found is 3M Spray Mount repositional adhesive – not sure if you can get that in the US. It's a fairly expensive spray adhesive but it is absolutely brilliant.

    I think it is important to clean all the glue off your mat before re-stickying it. You can get lumps and bumps otherwise which affect the adhesion of the card and the accuracy of the cut. Someone on the forum the other day discovered some stuff for cleaning uPVC window frames which was really cheap – you can get it on Amazon, I think. Brass cleaner works well too.

    We need to get the word out about this, to save people a LOT of money lol!!

    Thanks for your visit, and your lovely comment. I don't know why it is so much easier to accumulate clutter (and make a mess) than it is to clear it (and tidy up) lol!! I do feel great, being able to cross the room without encountering obstructions, but at the moment there are a few things on the floor that shouldn't be there!

    As for the glitter project, I love doing things where people don't know how you did it! My latest piece with the faux porcelain on it had several people fooled! They couldn't believe it was card and not real porcelain.

    Have a great week,

  2. CRAZY4 CHRIST says:

    I will have to try the baby wipes, i was using a mister clean magic eraser but baby wipes would be cheaper. I use Aleen's tack it over and over glue mixed with water to restick my mats. Can't wait for more money saving tips!!

  3. Migdalia says:

    My mats are all messy and I am in a budget so this idea is GREAT!!TFS
    I am working on this tonight!TFS again…

  4. The Archiving Angel says:

    Great tip! I had not seen or heard of this method yet.
    Love learning new things.
    Enjoying catching up.
    Off to see more.

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