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Hi peeps!  Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger lately…and you know what?  I’ve been an even worse crafter!!  Thus, the reason for the picture above!  I have NOTHING good and crafty to show you!  I’ve been up to lots of stuff and working on changing around some of the content of this blog…bringing it back to how to save money on crafty things, and tips we can all use, and fun stuff like that.  New things to post soon!

I’ve also been in my craft room but working more on reorganizing my stash and trying to find places for new and different things.  The look of my craft room I showed everyone on this post last September has changed quite a bit.  I mean everything is still the same, but the room got FULL really fast!!  So now it’s not all the clean lines and sparse decor…it’s a scrap room crammed full of goodness, but with so much stuff  that has found it’s permanent home on the desk, I have to move things around to craft…and that’s really quite pathetic when you realize I have a 14 foot desk!!  *blush*  Anyway, as soon as I’m happy with the way it looks (i.e., not junky!) I promise to post pics.  Heck, I might even post a video!!

In other crafty news…I’ve been trying to meet up with AJ from AJ Scrapbooking & Cards for the past few months, ever since I learned that her and her family were moving cross-country, right into the town next to mine!!  How cool is that?!?  We FINALLY got to meet up at a crop the other night and had a blast!  She is SUCH an AWESOME lady!  I just love meeting blogland friends in real life!  And we already have plans to do it again!

Okay…I’ll go craft something if you do too!  Let’s get to it!  Wait…it’s like 1am here…I’ll get to it tomorrow!!  Nighty night!

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. CRAZY4 CHRIST says:

    Can't wait to see your craft room. 14 foot desk wow mine is barely 4 foot and I work on the floor cuz my cricut takes up the work space (probably not the greatest for my back. Can't wait to see what you create!! Hope your back doesn't give you too much trouble!!
    P.S thanks for the heads up on the national scrapbooking giveaway!!

  2. Unknown says:

    Hey girl!
    Thanks for the Tim Holtz giveaway info. I whipped out a quick post about it this morning to help get the word out! Love your cartoon!
    Have a beautiful day!

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