It’s The LAST Of The Calendar Pages!

I swear it is!!  At least until next year maybe?  Haha!  Okay, let’s get to it!  We have November and December to see today!

First up is daughter’s November page.    I found this adorable little turkey and the title on the Create-A-Critter cartridge.  I didn’t think I have much of anything Thanksgiving related…who knew?!  Now I’ll be primed and ready for Thanksgiving cards next year!  (Haha…who am I fooling…I couldn’t even get Christmas cards made this year!)

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, Son and DIL kind of got ripped off on their November page!  It was five days before Christmas, I still had to send their calendar across the country and keep my fingers crossed that they would get it in time (they did!!) and this was the last page of theirs to finish.  THEN I had nine more pages on my daughter’s calendar to do!  So this page was awash with panic and a tad rushed!  I still found a paper I thought they would like, (DIL loves to bake with pumpkin, so I thought she might like this one) and I inked the white corded “ribbon” to match the page…and even found some paper in my stash with music notes on it since son is a musician.  I like how it turned out in the end!

Okay, December was one of my favorite pages!  Both the pages are really similar with a few differences based on personal tastes.

Here’s the page I made for Son and DIL.  I thought it came out really cute!!  Most everything is cut from the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge except the title.  It’s from Winter Frolic.  I used Peachy Keen stamps for the faces, and velvet ribbon on the picture mats.  The tree is decorated in buttons and Stickles, and the presents were fussy cut from a page out of one of my DCWV stacks.

And last but not least, here’s daughter’s December page.  Same cuts and same general idea, but with some different background paper and colors.  I used glittery ribbon on her picture mats and bling on her tree.  Her page almost turned out VERY different!  I had also cut out sleighs for both pages, but couldn’t make them fit on there without everything being way too crowded.  At one point, hubby came in to “help” me.  He had the reindeer up at the top of the page flying the sleigh, Santa was holding on for dear life, and the elf and all the presents were falling to their certain death!  I must admit, if I hadn’t already put a smiley face on the elf, I would have given him a surprised expression and probably have just gone with it!!  Instead, the elf just got to ride on the reindeer’s back!!

For those who are interested, there’s just a few more details to the calendars that I forgot to take pics of.  After they were put together and bound, I made an envelope for each and put it on the back of the December page.  It had cut outs (from the Designer’s Calendar cartridge) of all kinds of odds and ends events.  I made icons for extra birthdays, vacations, camping trips, date nights, game nights, coffee dates…anything I could think of that I hadn’t already put on the calendar.  That way, they have extra little squares to mark those days on their calendars.  And when the year is over, they simply take the calendars apart, and they each have a ready-made scrapbook!

I hope you liked seeing all of my pages.  Even though there was a little panic at the end, I really had a blast making them and spending all that time thinking about the fact that I have the BEST son, daughter, and daughter-in-law in the world.  I’m one lucky Mommy!

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. CRAZY4 CHRIST says:

    🙁 sad that this is the last day, but i bet you are glad!! Your daughters December one is too funny, love the elf on the reindeer, the sleight and the santa in the air would have been funny too, maybe i will try that on a layout for my daughter!! Can't wait to see more projects that you come up with!!

  2. Unknown says:

    i love that you spent so much energy making the calendars so different because we have different tastes. there was no "cookie cutter" calendar that you mass-produced, and it shows. we're so so happy with ours; it's hanging up in the living room!

  3. Linda Dale says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your blog and your creations. Great resource idea too. thanks blessing, Linda

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