Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Well, here it is Wednesday again, and my desk isn’t looking much better than last week!  I got some gift cards for my birthday so I went to Joann’s and bought a few new things I had been wanting to experiment with!  I didn’t have any alcohol inks or glimmer mists.  I saw a tutorial on my bloggy friend Kat’s blog about how to make super cheap homemade glimmer mists, so I had to buy the stuff to give that a try…awesomesauce!!!!!!  I made a purple carnation (sitting on the desk) out of the glimmer mist and some coffee filters.  I felt like a kid in an arts and crafts class again!   Haha!

And what’s that on my laptop screen???  Stamping Ground?!?!  Haha!  I was waiting for the WOYWW post to go up so I could be one of the first to link.  Well…THAT didn’t work.  I went downstairs to watch tv, (it’s still Tuesday night here) came back up several hours later, and there’s lots of links in front of me now!  One of these days….!

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Sunshine Girl says:

    Oooh that carnation looks great – I havent tried making anything like that out of coffee filters – what a neat idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. CRAFTY WOMBLE says:

    The carnation looks great! I am in the right time zone and I think I only managed the top 10 once……. The 30s seem my permanent residing place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cute carnation! I always try to post my WOYWW link early but it never works! Have a happy Wednesday! Mel #59

  4. ScrappnBee says:

    Its a myth! I have only broken below 30 once (and that was like #28)! Love the desk pic today! The flower looks awesome! Thanks for sharing and have fun with your mists! -Amanda

  5. Anonymous says:

    I forgot about those coffee filter flowers, your look great. So many techniques to try! I think I've forgotten more than I've ever retained!

    Brenda 84

  6. Michelle (aka Meechelle) says:

    The carnation is beautiful! Going to have to give those homemade glimmer sprays a try.

  7. Crafting Time says:

    Im not sure how early you have to be up to be first, but it was 6.05am and there were several in front of me!
    Have a lovely crafty week ahead.
    Nina x
    Check out Design Team call on our blog

  8. My name is Cindy says:

    oooh your workspace looks so cool and sophisticated!! I will have to check out those glimmer sprays – I made some of my own about 18 months ago with spray bottles from the chemist, some powders that I bought (didn't realise their potential for years) water and a bit of re-inker for colour. They are still going strong and are not bunged up while all my shop bought brand name ones are clogged up really quickly and are no longer usable unless I decant them – very messy!!! TFS Cindy #26.

  9. Marjo says:

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, xoxo Marjo

  10. scrapwordsmom says:

    Home made glimmer mist? Sweet! Sounds like something I must try:)


  11. MaggieC (Silvercrafter) says:

    I actually made No 1 once, but I had had a dreadful night so I got up at about 5 am and just played with ideas. I usually set my post to publish at just after midnight. My usual residence in somewhere in the 40's or 50's. I like the idea of making those glimmer mists. I have tried mica sprays with mixed results.

  12. Shoshi says:

    Lovely carnation! I haven't tried coffee filter flowers yet. I never get my WOYWW post up early because I have to spend the first half of the morning in bed – so I'm always waaay down the list lol! Sometimes I look in the small hours but dear Julia is asleep in bed at that hour and hasn't got started yet! My weird time clock lol! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #84

  13. Unknown says:

    I love the whats on your desk idea!

  14. The Archiving Angel says:

    Just catching up on your blog.
    Love seeing the what's on your workdesk wednesday posts!
    That flowers looks divine.
    thanks for sharing.
    crafty best wishes,

  15. Electra says:

    I have no idea when the first post goes up! Thanks for the link to make glimmer mist! Happy late WOYWWED!

  16. Bridget Larsen says:

    LOL I've been trying to be the first on the list as well, but I am getting better from 137 to 37 this week, a whole 100 earlier. I worked out that I am at work when the linky goes up.
    Love your white desk. So what is the recipe for the glimmer mist? We cant seem to get that here in Australia and I so love what the outcome is using it
    Bridget #37

  17. Jessica Buffa says:

    Love the purple carnations Amy! It looks so soft and pretty. Andy I really adore your work space, too!

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