Would You Like More Free Stuff?

Here’s another secret to getting supplies for free or close to it… online Instant Win Games (IWG.)  I can already hear you saying, “but Amy, I NEVER win anything.”  Before you hop on that train of thought any further,  just read on!!

There’s ALL KINDS of free sweepstakes for consumers to enter online, brought to you by large companies who use it as advertising.  I personally like the IWGs better than the regular sweepstakes, since you know instantly if you’ve won something.  The prizes are normally smaller than the huge grand prizes, but that’s okay with me…a prize is a prize!  I’ve been playing IWGs off and on for a little over two years.  Items I’ve won include:

$100 Macy’s gift card (gc)
$50 AMC Theater gc
$500 Lowes gc
$100 check
$25 check
$20 HSN gc
$250 Visa gc
$20 Visa gc
$150 Cricut Credit (Woohoo!)
2 Free PS3 video games
K-Cup Carousel
Yard fertlizer system (hubby was excited!)
$20 Albertsons gc
Sets of concert tickets
LOTS of free movie tickets
Numerous free song downloads
Tons of smaller gift cards for places like Subway, Starbucks, Barnes & Nobel etc.

The list is just a smattering of things I’ve won.  I’ve been able to use store credits and gift cards to get all sorts of free scrapbooking supplies, including this…


There are several really good blogs I frequent that keep me up to date on all the new IWGs coming out.  My favorite is Free Stuff Times .  It’s a great page anyway…they have lots of freebies and stuff!  Click HERE for the direct link to their IWG page or you can click on the CONTESTS tab at the top of their page to see all the different kinds of sweepstakes.

Another popular page for sweepstakes info is Sweeties Sweeps .  She’s been doing sweeps for MANY years and offers all kinds of helpful info on her blog about how to win, the best times to play, etc.

I’ve always had the best luck playing late at night…good news for all you night owls!  And I’ve noticed that most people, myself included, win and lose in streaks.  I haven’t won much in the last month, but I won something almost every day the month before.  The key is CONSISTENCY!  Just keep going!

Good luck!

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Thank you for the information!!! Also thank you for your comment about my post it holders and box. You asked what type of tape I used and it was Red tape and ATG tape. I used the Red tape for the Box as it is one of the strongest tapes around and ATG tape for the decorations and to attach the post it notes to the holders.

    Thank you again,


  2. Scrapper69 says:

    Hi Amy! I just wanted to stop by to answer your question about the daubers…. Stampin' Up sells them for 10.95 but you'll get a set of 12! And if you google Daubers you should be able to find them at any craft store some are more pricer than others… I've seen a set of 3 go for $3.99 depending on the company! Thanks for stopping by! :o)

  3. Amy says:

    Maybe your streak is starting again? Come see me!! 🙂

    Amy 🙂 at lovetocrop.com

  4. Sarah says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Amy! Thanks for the info on the sweeps and congrats on winning over at love to crop!

    I am a new follower!

  6. Unknown says:

    Congratulations on your win from Amy!! I came over from there and snooped around your blog. Amazing!! I need to come back when I have more time. I am a new follower. Hugs, Pam at craftycards4u2.blogspot.com/

  7. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the awesome information and congratulations on winning Amy's giveaway! And thank you so much for posting my giveaway 😀


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