My New Obsession…

As I was researching to write this article, I think I accidentally fell into a new obsession…BLOG CANDY!!!  I had never heard of this phenomenon before I started perusing scrapbooking sites.  Now I’m hooked!  For those of you who have never heard of it, let me awaken your senses to the wonder that is blog candy!!

I’ve noticed that scrapbooking bloggers are a very generous breed.  They share their ideas, art, and supplies!  What?  Their supplies?  YES!  I have noticed on A LOT of blogs I have been following that blog owners give away scrapbooking supplies (also known as blog candy) for almost any occasion you can think of;  their birthdays, their blogaversaries, their participation in a blog hop, because it’s a Monday!  It’s incredible!  And what do they want in return?  Most of them want nothing at all…a few would want you to become followers of theirs, and a few more just want you to link back to their blog.  Not too shabby considering the value of some of the goodie packages.  What even blows my mind more, is that some of these materials are purchased out of the blogger’s own pocket!  How generous can you be?!

In the short time I’ve been surfing scrapping blogs, I have won: a $25 gift code to SVG Cuts, a gorgeous decorated “paint bucket” filled with glitter supplies, a three month membership to the Cricut Circle (which includes a special Cricut cartridge!) and a surprise goodie bag (see pic above.)  The goodie bag even came with an added bonus…a new friend!  Maquel over at Paper Maine-iac (isn’t that a cute name?) randomly drew my name in her first giveaway ever, and not only went over and beyond, in the gift she sent, but included the most gorgeous card with it.  She’s awesome!

Below are some links to bloggers who have current blog candy giveaways going.  A few of them expire in the next few days, so be aware when you are entering.  Go show them a little love in their comment section.  Most of them just require a comment to enter, some require that you become one of their followers, and a few seems to require that you post about their giveaway on your own blog.  If you don’t have a blog, I would think you could mention that in your comment/entry, and hopefully, it will still count.  Please keep in mind, that I’m not affiliated with any of these other blogs, so accepting your entries if all their criteria hasn’t been met, will be solely at their discretion.

I found WAY more links than I intended to in my search, so below is only a partial list.  I’ll make a new posting tomorrow with more links!   Expired   Yay!  I won this one!   Expired
Can you believe this is only half of the links I found this afternoon?  And I know there’s about a zillion more out there!  I’ll post the other half of the list tomorrow.  I’m thinking of making this a weekly ritual…what do you think?

Amy England

Creator of the Scrap This Save That blog and Youtube channel and curator of a ridiculous amount of paper crafting supplies!

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  1. Jan Hennings says:

    First..thanks you for visiting and becoming a follower of my blog 🙂 Blogger's are a great community of people and gotta love all blog candy 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    Thank you for promoting my blog candy – good luck.

    A big welcome to the land of blogging – look forward to following your blog too!

  3. Amy E says:

    Thank you both so much!!! And thanks for stopping by to check things out. I hope to bump into you guys a lot on all of our sites!!!

  4. Maquel says:

    Great post, and links! There really are sooooooo many out there! Have you seen all the new $150 credit ones? Check out….then all of the Circle DT members each have $150 giveaways! Wow!! Going on until Sunday!

  5. Emily says:

    And here I was thinking I would get a free Snickers bar or something! Hahahaha!

  6. Amy E says:

    Post my blog everywhere Em and I'LL buy you a free Snickers bar!!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up Maquel!! I'm off to go enter some more! Woohoo!

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